Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

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If you need the help of an experienced lawyer to guide you through a civil litigation matter in Penticton, BC, you have come to the right place. Our professional team, lead by David Brooke, is valued by clients as successful, resourceful and practical litigation counsel. From recovering compensation for a personal injury to resolving a business contract dispute or a family law matter, we work diligently to protect our clients’ interests and achieve a favourable outcome. If you feel that your rights have been infringed, or if litigation should arise or threaten to arise, our experienced civil litigation lawyer in Penticton is your best ally. Just enlist the assistance of Hillside Law.

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Hillside Law is Here to Help

We understand that legal battles can be confusing and emotionally taxing. While most matters can be settled through negotiation or mediation, your success in obtaining a favorable outcome will likely depend on your lawyer’s ability to effectively pursue or defend a lawsuit all the way through to trial if necessary. That’s why Hillside Law will work to facilitate a timely resolution of your legal matter. When you work with us, any questions you have about your case will be answered immediately, and you can expect prompt, responsive, and professional service from the moment you become a client.

Civil Litigation Lawyers in Penticton, BC

If you’re involved in a civil dispute, turn to Hillside Law to protect your rights and put your best interests first. To discuss your civil litigation matter, contact us today at our Penticton, BC law office to schedule a consultation.

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A Covid-19 Update

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We remain open for business as normal, but our office space is temporarily closed to the public. To contact us, please call 250-487-7030.