Family Law Agreement

Family Law Agreement

Family Law Agreement is a contract that is used to determine how a relationship will be managed. It can also be used to settle issues after a relationship ends.

Family Agreements Handled by Hillside Law

Our firm has the expertise to draft the following agreements:

  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Marriage/Prenuptial Agreements
  • Separation Agreements

What is a Separation Agreement?

When one or both parties to a marriage or common-law relationship no longer want to be in that relationship, the couple becomes separated. You don’t have to sign anything, go to court, or even live in different homes to be separated. A Separation Agreement is a legally binding contract that states the rights of each party and the obligations that they have to one another after the breakdown of their relationship.

Separation Agreements deal with a variety of issues. Some of the most common stipulations in Separation Agreements include:

  • Arrangements for children – parenting, guardianship, custody and access
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Property division
  • Debt allocation

What is a Marriage or Prenuptial Agreement?

While a Separation agreement deals with what will happen if the marriage ends, a Marriage Agreement deals with how things should be managed while the couple is still married. Marriage Agreements, or Prenuptial Agreements, or “pre-nups”, can be prepared after a couple marries or before. They summarize each spouse’s legal obligations to the other during the marriage and after, if the marriage should end. These agreements are especially important if either spouse or both enters into the marriage with a significant amount of property or assets. These agreements can protect both parties and spell out their intentions to avoid uncertainty later on.

What is a Cohabitation Agreement?

Cohabitation Agreements are similar to Marriage Agreements in that they can be for couples who plan to live together or are already living together. They generally deal with how finances are to be handled during the relationship but are most often intended to set out how issues will be handled if their relationship breaks down.

What are the Advantages of Family Law Agreements?

The primary purpose of Family Law Agreements is to avoid the necessity of protracted, expensive litigation in the event of a dissolution of a relationship. When you enter into one of these agreements, the parties make the decisions rather than  having a judge impose the decisions upon them. This makes it possible for both individuals to get what they want. Family Law Agreements can be tailored to the couple’s specific situation. A Family Law Agreement is often non-adversarial, which means that there is a higher chance of preserving the relationship.

What is the Cost of Drafting a Family Agreement?

The cost of drafting this type of agreement with Hillside Law is a flat fee.  The flat fee can be discussed by giving us a call at (250) 487 – 7030.

Why Use Hillside Law to Write Your Family Agreement?

We have extensive experience drafting all types of agreements. You can expect professional, high-quality service. We understand your situation and will do everything possible to help you find a solution. Hillside Law is on your side. To schedule an appointment, contact us at (250) 487 – 7030.

How do I Start the Family Agreement Process?

To start the process, contact us through the general intake form, and we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule an appointment. You can also contact us directly at (250) 487-7030.

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