ICBC Claims Lawyer

ICBC Claims Lawyer

ICBC Lawyer Penticton

Inevitably accidents happen in life, and you will need to have to deal with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). The negotiations can be difficult and very trying during an already stressful situation. The whole process can leave victims feeling hopeless and confused about their claim. Hillside Law Inc. is there to help you fight for what you are entitled to. We always work for you…we never take cases for ICBC.

ICBC Claims and Settlements in Penticton BC

When you have been in an accident, ICBC will appoint an adjuster to your claim. This individual works for ICBC and not you. ICBC claim adjusters are experienced, sophisticated negotiators. They deal with injury claims every single day. The adjusters know the value of injury claims and ultimately their job is to resolve your claim for a fair amount from ICBC’s point of view and not yours. This is the moment when you have to be clear concerning your rights and consult with a seasoned Penticton personal injury lawer, like Hillside Law Inc. that has dealt with ICBC.

If a reasonable settlement can not be reached, It is Hillside’s job to take your case to court so you can obtain full and fair compensation according to law. The experienced Hillside legal team can help maximize your claim and make sure your rights are protected during the claim process.  A skilled legal team can preserve crucial evidence after an accident and present the details of your case in a way that translates effectively into financial compensation.

If you are not sure whether you need a lawyer in Penticton, BC, regarding an ICBC claim, please call us and ask, we’d be more than willing to provide you with our recommendations.

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