Motor Vehicle Accident Law

Motor Vehicle Accident Law

A motor vehicle accident can forever change your life in an instant. One moment you are heading to the grocery store, and the next you are involved in a collision that you never saw coming. Whiplash, psychological or emotional injury, and chronic back pain are just a few of the injuries that many people must contend with indefinitely in the aftermath of an accident. There are also accident survivors, who unfortunately end up in long-term care facilities.

Who picks up the tab? Who will compensate you as you strive to regain your quality of life after the accident?

Many people assume that their insurance and Dial-A-Claim will take care of it. However, there is an aspect to claiming an insurance policy that many individuals overlook: insurance companies are out to protect their own interests and protect their bottom line. This means that those who have sustained personal injuries ordinarily receive settlement offers that do not adequately reflect the gravity of their situations. This is where the services of our Penticton lawyer, particularly ICBC lawyer, are required.

When Should You Consult a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer?

The short answer is “as soon as possible” regardless of the size of your claim. After you have reported your claim, the next step in ICBC’s system is to assign your claim to an adjuster who will investigate the accident with reference to legislation such as the Motor Vehicle Act. The sooner you have a Penticton personal injury lawyer involved with your claim, the more effective his or her advice will be. We will not charge you to consult a lawyer about your injury claim, and you will receive crucial guidance and advice at the outset.

Why Should You Hire a Penticton B.C. Personal Injury Lawyer?

First of all, the insight of an experienced ICBC lawyer is invaluable during negotiations because we will be able to assist you in assessing the fairness of the proposed settlement amount and seeing important issues that may be unrecognized to the injured person.

Secondly, if complications should occur and court proceedings are found to be necessary, we will be able to keep you aware of any statutorily-imposed limitation periods or filing deadlines. Drafting legal documents in anticipation of civil litigation is a difficult process when you are new to the court system and, depending on your circumstances, it may be simply too much to ask. Having a qualified, experienced ICBC lawyer in your corner is an asset at every stage of your claim.

How Do You Hire a Penticton Lawyer?

The process of hiring top-notch legal counsel is not as hard as it sounds. Your first step is to call us and book an appointment for an initial consultation. This will give us an opportunity to discuss your case in a one-on-one setting. We can come to your home, if you prefer.

After this initial interview, you then have the option of formally retaining us. We are flexible with respect to payment arrangements and will likely agree to represent you on the basis of a Contingency Fee Agreement, which is an arrangement where the lawyer represents you in exchange for a percentage of the final amount of your settlement.

We are a law firm in Penticton, BC. We will fight insurance companies for optimal outcomes which will enable you to maintain your quality of life after your motor vehicle accident. Contact us today.

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